About Us

Who We Are

Extenda Solutions provides dedicated, skilled resources in cost-effective locations. We help companies deliver more with our proven ‘extended team‘ model.

With offices in Canada and Egypt, Extenda is connecting clients and professionals across the globe.

Set up your offshore team and get instant access to a rich pool of high-skilled engineers, software developers, QAs and Customer service representatives who are 100% dedicated to your business.

Why Choose Us?


Individually Selected Candidates

You take part in the selection process, personally screening and interviewing potential candidates, ascerting that new hires have the required skills and are able to assimilate into your core in-house team

Integral Part of Your Company

Resources hired through Extenda will be 100% dedicated to you, aligned with your corporate culture and vision and are managed by your core in-house team

No Operations Overhead

Your extended team member will work from a well-equipped office with a comfortable working environment. We take care of all operational tasks, and provide your offshore team with all necessary conditions to perform at their best.

Effective Payment Model

No unpredictable expenses or fees. You agree on a fixed monthly fee that covers the remote person's basic salary, operational expenses & bonuses. Working in a cost-effective location overseas, this is guranteed to reduce your payroll $$

Ongoing Support

Our management team will provide constant support and ensure sustained performance as needed

Timezone Independent

We gurantee your remote extended team will be working in your local timezone to avoid any communication barriers.

How Can we Cooperate


Thinking of extending your team?  Leave us a message or send us an email. You will get