Extended Teams to Grow Your Business

We help you find the right talent through ongoing cooperation between your core team and the extended team offshore

Individually selected candidates

You take part in the selection process, personally screening and interviewing potential candidates, ascerting that new hires have the required skills and are able to assimilate into your core team.

Integral part of your company

Assigned to you full time, 100% focused on your project, your extended team members become an integral part of your company, aligned with your corporate culture and vision and are working towards a common goal

Direct management of resources

You can manage your extended team members as you see fit. There will be no intermediaries between you and your offshore team. You are in control of both inhouse and remote teams.

Transparent and efficient payment model

With an extended team, you agree on a fixed monthly fee that covers the basic salary, operational expenses & bonuses, enabling you to better forcast your budget and keep track of your expenses

No-hassle setup and operations

we take care of all operational tasks, and provide your offshore team with all necessary conditions to perform at their best. Your extended team member will work from a well-equipped office with a comfortable working environment.

Ongoing Support

Our management team will provide constant support and ensure sustained performance as needed.

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